Improvising with the Whole Step Triad and Diminished Scales Supplement - NEW

Learn how I combine these two powerful improv techniques, the Whole Step Triad Scale and the Diminished Scale, over the chord changes to three standard tunes, “Invitation,” “Mr. PC,” and “Stella.”
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Fourteen Major Scale Explorations

In this ebook, I have combined common practice, modern jazz language ideas to create multiple measure phrases that can be used to develop harmonic awareness and technique in all twelve major key centers.
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Improvising with the Diminished Scale

I’ve often said that if I could have only one harmonic concept to work with for the next ten years I would have to pick the diminished scale. Both for it’s built-in harmonic precision and for the multitude of sounds that one can generate with it if one understands how to use it properly.

In this ebook, I will show players how I like to think about the scale in terms of resolutions in ii-V settings and also how, by it’s construction, the diminished scale is easily transposed and applied to all twelve keys.

Offered as a PDF eBook or as a Multi-Touch iBook.
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Improvising with the Whole Step Triad Combination Scale

This eBook offers a clear and concise explanation of an easily implemented technique (that I use all the time) that you can use to develop new melodic material for improvisation.

Offered as a PDF eBook or as a Multi-Touch iBook.
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What's the Difference between the PDF eBook and Apple iBook?

Both offer the same basic content, transcriptions, videos, exercises and play alongs. The PDf eBook can be read on virtually any device and can be printed and includes links to Eric's recorded performances.

The Apple iBook version offers a thoroughly modern and truly immersive, multimedia learning experience. All notated figures include audio examples so you can hear and see the music. View and zoom in on the notation using multi-touch gestures. Participate in active learning with immediate feedback quizzes and a built-in glossary. Highlight passages, make notes and share them with the Study Card feature.

All playing exercises feature integrated play alongs on each page so you never have to leave the book to work on the material. Video of Eric's performances are transcribed and are included in the iBook as well. Each chapter is finished with a beautiful, hi-res still image of one of Eric's recent gigs.

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Exercises & Playalongs

Assimilate the material by engaging in written and performance exercises with the included playalongs in Band-in-a-Box and mP4 formats. Answers are included and transposed for C, Bb and Eb instruments.

Transcriptions with links to Eric's Recorded Performances

See how Eric applies the material with the included transcribed solos and then watch videos of him playing the solos at his gigs.
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